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ándaga-cli is a small command line script that has already been through multiple iterations. It's the command line portion of my ándaga project. Originally this was written in Node and was all done and stored locally. After splitting it up into a more client - server type application, this just because the small cli portion of the project. After getting more into Scala I started rewriting the application in Scala, but realized that the startup time of the JVM for this project is sort of a deal breaker. Following this, I went an entire different direction, and I just wrote it as a fish script. So far I've loved the change, simplicity, and speed. The available commands/options can be found below.

❯ andaga -h
Usage: andaga <command> [options]


  -h/--help          Prints help


  log                Log a new entry

    -c, --category   Category to store the log in
    -n, --notes      Notes to be stored with the log
    -d, --duration   Duration of the action to be stored
    -l, --location   Location of the action to be stored
    -p, --project    Project that the log belongs to
    -t, --tags       Tags that belong to the log

  recall             Recall n amount of log entries

    -a, --amount     Amount of entries to recall (defaults to 1 if none given)

  tags               Get a list of all used tags
  projects           Get a list of all projects logged so far
  categories         Get a list of all categories used so far

An example of how to store a log can be found below:

andaga log -c code -n "Worked on fixing a bug that broke coc-metals" -d 45 -l home -p coc-metals -t typescript,tooling,metals

The aim for ándaga-cli is to keep the project lean and only have it do the minimal necessary commands that I need from the command line. The bulk of the work will be done in ándaga-core. In the future I'd possibly like to build a pomodoro like timer directly into the cli portion of the project. I'd also like to add a way to track meaningful output for the day to best see under what conditions I'm working at my best.