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Neovim 5.x will have built-in LSP support. I think this will be a game-changer for nvim users looking for a solid LSP experience. nvim-metals is an attempt to best prepare for this. It's meant to act as a small plugin (written in Lua), that will only offer the necessary things in order for a nvim LSP user to get the best experience with Metals. Things like LSP extensions (think metals/quickPick, metals/status, etc) are not supported by base LSP implementations, so the plugin will offer support for these and also shortcuts for necessary commands, like :BuildImport

This project also serves as a guide for how to get up and running with nvim + LSP, since it's currently in nightly, and it does take a bit to get setup. The plan is that as the LSP support in nvim solidifies, this plugins will solidify along with it. For me, this plugin will replace my usage of coc-metals.